Saturday, 17 July 2010

SXR270 Tutor - Day 1

First day as an SXR 270 tutor. Well, no ones run off screaming yet anyway!

So - what was my day like? Well 12:00 a briefing on the course with the other tutors, and a chance to meet all the team.  I knew at least a couple of the other tutors, so that was good. No real surprises at the meeting.
Then off to the labs to go through the equipment - that was OK too. Most of it came back to me eventually. Some of it more quickly than others.

Then off to hear the course directors introduction talk, followed by taking the group up to the lab for introductions. We split the group into two, and I had my 10 students. I then had to do some ice breaking, and a quick talk on keeping a lab book. It all seemed to go OK, although I wasn't sure.

After that its time for tea after the walk back from the medical school - they are building AGAIN! Tea - was a repeat of last Saturdays menu - I turned down the mushroom rice thingy I had last week (risotto I think), and went for the chicken instead.

After that, I had to give a talk on the scientific method and formulating a hypothesis. I seemed to go through the material quite quickly, even though I'd brought along some of my own slides.

Then to the bar - to have some drinks with my group, and a few other friends I knew from previous courses. I decided on an early night at about 10:30 as tiredness is a real possibility, and other nights might not be so easy to sneak away.

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