Saturday, 10 July 2010

SXR375 - Day 1

Its a hot day. with the help of the family I've got registered, found my room, and unpacked just a little.
The family were with me, and they helped me label by books and name tag.
The room has a fridge in it, a desk and a bed. A few other things like a kettle and so on.
Still - I won't be in it a lot. Lots of time in labs, tutorials, eating, or in the bar.

We had a walk around the campus to locate the biology building.

Then the family left, and I sorted out my things. The course started with an introductory talk which covered various administrative things, and then we went down to the labs. We were introduced to the courses tutors and formed up into small teams. I found two others who thought I would at least not cripple their efforts. We then had a look at the range of plants they had on offer, which tomorrow we will be extracting chlorophyll and other pigments from.
After that - back to the hall for lunch and a coffee to keep things going.

Next there is a guest lecture on pesticides, so I'm off to that.

This was good - with a good discussion of issues involved in feeding the world, GM crops, organic produce and so on. We then retired to the bar, where I started a table that grew to about 8-9 people discussing a variety of topics. It was a good evening - hope the alcohol intake doesn't disrupt tomorrows labs!

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